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We will supply and fit any make towbar flange or detachable as requested for cars and motorhomes, but our preferred bar is Witter.All bars are fitted as laid down by the manufacturers and all bolts torqued to the specified settings using calibrated equipment.Electrics can either be spliced into existing wiring by soldering only or dedicated wiring kits can be used, these can be supplied as either 12n and 12s or the new 13pin as fitted to all new caravans, relays are used as required by manufacturers. Some manufacturers only permit the use of dedicated electrics some requiring an upgrade by the manufacturer.


Example of detachable towbar

I'm a title

Example of flange towbar

Examples of 12n/s and 13pin dedicated wiring

With Caravanmaster all wires are soldered if splicing and NOT as pictured where scotch locks have been used.

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